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Dressember: Vol. III

Happy Sunday, all! Third installment of Dressember styles coming your way! But first...

About Dressember

Dressember is a movement to bring awareness to human trafficking. Since it began in 2013, the organization has raised millions of dollars - funds which go to aid victims of modern slavery. Aside from donating to the cause, you can take part in the Dressember Challenge by wearing a dress every day in December (or men can wear ties.) I'm going to give this challenge my best shot.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Dressember website here!

If you would like to make a donation to this important cause, I've set up an advocate's page for the Heartland Lady blog.


December 9th

Another concert day, so black attire was required. Like I've said, black doesn't have to be boring. Texture is one of the number one tools in the fashion world, so a bit of fur or velvet, for example, can really kick things up a notch.

December 10th

An everyday look with a sweater dress, black leggings and boots. This was my first day trying out fleece-lined leggings, and I must say they're effective! I almost had a hot flash when I put them on in the morning (though I'm not at the age where I'm qualified to describe that toasty experience), and remained reasonably warm even when I was outside. Overall, I highly recommend them for winterizing any dress. (Found these ones at JCPenney, since DSW didn't seem to have any in stock.)

December 11th

It was -6 degrees during the day, so I wimped out and wore a sweater and jeans. However, I did not abandon the Dressember mission! In the evening, I had a piano gig, which gave me an excuse to wear this sparkly little number. Here's the best part... this dress was only $15 on clearance at JCPenney. This incredible find was back in summer, so I had been waiting (im)patiently for the perfect holiday occasion to wear it. ;)

December 12th

Another performance day, another black dress. Had to be a bit practical with this outfit, as we were caroling out in the community.. during a snowstorm. I stayed nice and cozy with a belted cashmere sweater, and ankle boots served well enough for trudging through the elements. Speaking of cashmere, there are some stellar sales on at Macy's right now!

December 13th

I do love getting out my fur leg warmers after a snowstorm. And Pruitt matches pretty well too. Haha!

December 14th

Staying inside today and trimming the tree, so warmth didn't have to be a priority. I must say, I'm awfully excited about this new corduroy jumper. (From Wish.. about $8, I think.) I haven't had a jumper since I was in elementary school.. that was a gray fleece one with a little zipper and faux pockets on the front. Probably my #1 favorite outfit at the time. Anyhow, between the jumper and Christmas decor, there's some serious reminiscing going on. :)

December 15th

A holiday-minded Sunday Best here. I got the idea for this relaxed yet glamorous look from one of my favorite blogs Elements of Style by Erin Gates. I've had this burgundy satin dress for probably 8 years. (Another rummage sale score!) And I think it looks just smashing with a cable turtleneck and crystal statement earrings.

'Til next time,



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