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China Hutch Christmas Makeover

Since the rest of the house is dressed in holiday style, I certainly couldn't neglect our lovely china hutch. It just wouldn't do to keep an autumnal scheme in there while everything else screams "CHRISTMAS!!!!" Haha! So, some dish swapping ensued and this became the china cabinet's new look...

For the other makeovers, I kept the seasonal touches more subtle. An Easter egg here, a velvet pumpkin there. But I see no reason to be subtle about Christmas, so I was more overt with my selections. Mom offered her beautiful holly teapot, so that got the place of honor on the top shelf, surrounded by gleaming candlesticks of silver and gold. The battery pack for the mini lights is very cleverly hidden behind said teapot. I think the lights add some magic to the vignette, and they make everything sparkle a bit more. :)

Next, I pulled out my red and green glassware (Can't get much more Christmas-y than that.)

One of my favorite parts of the new China hutch display is the miniature wrapped gifts. All you need is some jewelry boxes and a few scraps of wrapping paper. I'll admit they're a bit tedious to wrap compared to a normal-sized present, but they are so darn cute, it's worth the effort!

Other pretty accents include vintage ornaments, a snow globe, and a few small "art" pieces in gold frames.

And as a bonus, here is my nightstand Christmas tree, all done up in silver and gold this year!

Happy decorating!

'Til next time,



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