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Biscotti: The Twice-Baked Cookie

Day 6 of the 12 Cookies of Christmas

My signature dessert recipe and my very first blog post was Chocolate Cherry Almond Biscotti. That was 51 blog posts ago! Goodness, have I really written that many?

For a moment here, I'm going to brush of my classical language skills and explain the word origin of biscotti. I took a year of Latin while in college, so I might as well use it. Though this language might sound a little old and musty, I found it to come in real handy with my biology classes. So many anatomical classifications are derived from Latin! Anyhow, let's have some vocabulary fun...

Classical Language Corner

biscotti - cookies, biscuits

  • Italian plural form

  • Note: if you just want to eat one, it would be called biscotto, which is the singular form.

Breaking it down

bis - twice

  • Latin prefix

  • similar to bi- or two, as in bicycle, binary code, binoculars

cotto - cooked

  • Italian past participle of cuocere, "to cook."

  • Derived from the Latin, coctum

Wasn't that fun? Well, if you weren't as thrilled by that activity as I was, I'll now return to the regularly scheduled recipe post. :)

Here is the link to my own recipe for Chocolate Cherry Almond Biscotti. While it is a bit challenging to make due to a tremendously sticky dough, I assure you it's more than worth the struggle! It's one of the best cookies to enjoy with a steaming cup of coffee.

'Til next time,



"The History Of Biscotti". The Nibble, 2006, Accessed 30 Dec 2018.


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