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April Desktop Downloads

Yay, spring! That has been my primary thought for the past couple weeks, as the snow continues to melt and the thermometer nudges up a few degrees. And isn't it marvelous to see the sun on a regular basis? Though I'm still in this ridiculous squinting adjustment phase because I've grown so accustomed to the overcast winter skies. My eyes! It burns! Hahaha.

For April's desktop design, I chose to feature the maple tree blossoms in our backyard. Spring flower imagery is largely dominated by crocus, daffodils, and tulips, so I think we often forget to look up to see what's blooming on tree branches. I just love the colors in these images. The delicate chartreuse blossoms highlighted by the sun, the hints of burgundy on the leaves and original buds. The pale gray of the bark, and of course, the gorgeous, cloudless blue sky.

If you'd like to be looking at a Shakespeare quote this month, you can download this background.

- or -

If you prefer a handy-dandy desktop calendar, you can download this one.

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