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An Old-Fashioned Thank-You

At the risk of sounding terribly stodgy and old-fashioned, I'm devoting today's post to the art of hand-written cards. In particular, thank-you notes, since the Thanksgiving holiday is drawing nigh. Ok, I'll try to limit ye olde-worlde expressions. Starting now. :)

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. ~ James Allen

There is nothing nicer than opening up the mail to find a hand-written note of gratitude, and it's usually pretty satisfying to send one too. You can write a card for any number of things, not just gifts. For example, if someone pays you a compliment that brightens your day, or if they do something helpful.. these could certainly warrant a thank-you as well. It takes mere minutes to scrawl out a card, so let's get down to it...

What you'll need

  • Stationery pack of blank cards with envelopes (Available at just about any price point, from 25¢ a card at Walmart to $7.50 per card at Tiffany & Co.)

  • Pen

  • Stamps

  • Address book

  • Optional sealing wax (If you use sealing wax, put 2 stamps on the card ensure proper postage.)


  • Write in cursive. Even if it takes a few more seconds, it looks nicer and is worth the effort.

  • Say why you're thankful. Add a sentence about why you appreciate the gift. (i.e. I received so many compliments on the lovely sweater you gave me.)

  • Keep it short and sweet. This is a thank-you note, not a state of the union address. No need to detail the happenings of the last month, just express your gratitude and seal up the card.

For more tips about the art of writing a thank-you, visit this Southern Living article.

'Til next time,


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Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
16. Jan. 2019

A hand written thank you is in the mail (tucked on a card I crafted myself from odds & ends) to a friend for a delicious birthday treat. Now on to Mexican Wedding cookies. Your blog puts me in a dreamy "Room With a View" place in time. I am off to be creative! Many thank yous to you Eva, you are a lady of fine inspirations

Gefällt mir
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