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An Assortment: Volume VI

You know the drill.. busy week, easy post. :) Here are my favorite reads from around the interwebs as of late.

  • Chip and Joanna Gaines recently opened up their own coffee shop, the Magnolia Press! Just look at it! I am dying over that tufted leather booth seating. Can't. Even. Handle it. Oh and don't get me started on the adorable little plants in their terra cotta pots.

  • This made me laugh. With Solo and Ensemble season coming up and lots of nervous high schoolers to accompany, I enjoyed this musical routine which pokes fun at competition singing. I remember all to well how getting a good score and going to state seemed like a life-or-death situation. (You might not guess it, but I'm outrageously competitive by nature.) Anyhow, barbershop is always fun to listen to, so enjoy!

  • Ever in the interest of simplicity, here are 65 ways to simplify your life, from the Lehman's blog.

  • Speaking of Lehman's, a while back they were calling for contributions to their new Sapphire Edition Cookbook. I submitted my recipe Rum Raisin Granola Bars and soon forgot about it. Then one day, this very cookbook showed up in the mail, and I'll be darned, but there was my recipe!

  • Is winter getting to you too? Try these mood-boosting foods to beat the blues. I corroborate their statement on the dark chocolate. ;)

  • Another way to get through winter.. shop for the next season! Window shopping for spring dresses never fails to brighten my spirits. Aren't some of these just dreamy? Looking at breezy chiffons and delicate florals gives us something to look forward to. Hang in there!

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn. ~ Hal Borland

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1 Comment

Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
Feb 27, 2020

This just cranks up my spirits for the day - Recipes, pretty dresses? And to top it off, the sun is shining!

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