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An Assortment: Volume V

It's a busy week, y'all. I've been positively swimming in music - accompanying, rehearsals, making CDs, gigs, concerts. Whew! So anyhow, an easy post is in order. Here are my favorite reads from around the interwebs as of late.

  • I was just talking with some friends about how much we love plaid this season. It's the perfect preppy pattern for Christmas. Here's some interesting info about tartan from Vermont Country Store.

  • Speaking of Rockettes, here are some fun facts about them and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. (Reading their blog is how I vicariously live my outlandish dream of being a Rockette. I've got the height, but that's where it ends. Pretty much zero coordination, and I think that might be an important requirement. Haha!)

  • Some major holiday decor inspiration from the White House and the Vice President's House. I'm in love with those stunning gingerbread houses and the wreaths on every window!

  • More good things coming to PBS Masterpiece... the romantic drama Howards End will be premiering January 12, the same evening as Sanditon. Let's hope these new productions can assuage the tragic loss of the Poldark series.

Stay warm, and get some rest when you can! We all want to be healthy for the holidays. :)

'Til next time,


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Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
Dec 17, 2019

Howard's End... as a remake? :) I have an old copy of Victoria magazine from the 90's that I reference this time of year... ahhh plaid, it is above all my favourite colour!

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