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An Assortment: Vol. VIII

You know the drill.. busy week, easy post. ;) Here are some of my favorite finds from around the interwebs as of late.

  • My new favorite place to find vintage hardcovers (aside from antique malls and rummage sales.) And they're independently owned!

  • Soak up the sun! Vitamin D does more for us than we can even imagine.

  • Chef Gordon Ramsay cooks steak and potatoes in 10 minutes! His at-home cooking videos are so fun to watch and family-friendly too. Because his daughter is filming, Ramsay doesn't swear a blue streak like he does on Hell's Kitchen. Haha!

  • It's officially garden season! With all this heat and the occasional good soaking by a thunderstorm, plants are growing inches before our very eyes. That means salads every night for supper. So. Many. Greens!

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