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A Turkey-Worthy Table

I've got a start on the Thanksgiving tablescape! Pumpkins, pinecones, and fall foliage make up most of it. I tried to keep it minimalist and clean looking, so it's a bit different than the elaborate settings I tend to put together. I pledged to myself that I would not use my standard "wall of flame" as I call it - the row of about 10 taper and pillar candles at the center of the table. (Admittedly, I'll still use candles, but only a few tealights. Promise!)

You may be wondering about the empty trifle dish. That actually has to do with the aforementioned tealights. I plan to fill the dish with water and float cranberries and the small candles in it, continuing with the more modern theme. Here's what I'm thinking...

Photo credit: Pinterest

The cranberry centerpiece will have to wait until Thanksgiving day to be assembled. As much as I would like to finish it ahead of time, I might have some funky berries on my hands if they sat out in water for a few days. That would not be aesthetically pleasing! :)

I'm so pleased with the natural pinecone placecard holders. Pinecones almost seem designed for this purpose.. they hold their little tags so well!

The burgundy napkins also make a nice accent, bringing out the colors of the foliage. Yet it's not an overwhelming amount of color, as a tablecloth might be.

Well, that about wraps up the Turkey Day Tablescape. A tad simpler than usual, but still elegant and worthy of a glorious meal. Pictures of the completed tablescape will be up on Instagram on T-day.. cranberries and all!

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