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A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Something that I've always wanted to try was a capsule wardrobe. This was a real buzz word a few years back, and though it's popularity was likely overtaken by Marie Kondo's magical tidying-up, I still think it's a wonderful idea. The capsule wardrobe is a seasonal, curated collection of items from your closet. Clothes that you like to wear and that all coordinate to some degree. It can be anywhere from 10 (!) to 50 items, though 37 seems to be a sweet spot. This does sound severely limiting at first, but I've realized that 37 is actually quite generous. Mine are listed below, with a couple cheat items in case of inclement weather. We still have to make it through blizzard season in April. Ha! I've also added a few Sunday Best images, so we can see the clothes in context.


1. Straight-leg jeans

2. Boot-cut jeans

3. Vintage light-wash jeans

4. Black "jeggings"

5. Navy pencil skirt

6. Hot pink pencil skirt

7. White cotton skirt

8. Navy floral maxi skirt


8. White button-down

9. Blue oxford

10. Chambray shirt

11. White sailor stripe shirt

12. Navy sailor stripe shirt

13. Navy long-sleeve tee

14. Blue plaid shirt

15. Navy paisley blouse

16. Pink long-sleeve tee

17. Hot pink v-neck tee

18. Blush tee

19. Rose silk tank

20. Gray v-neck tee

21. Black tee

22. Beige sweater

Outer layers

23. White cardigan

24. Black cardigan

25. Ivory "coatigan"

26. Denim jacket

27. Black blazer

Cheats - navy utility raincoat and black wool pea coat


28. Hot pink vintage-style dress

29. Black maxi dress

30. Navy wrap dress


31. Black peep-toe wedges

32. Tan wedge sandals

33. Floral lace-up flats

34. Denim flats

35. Black lace flats

36. Cheetah calf-hair flats

37. Nude patent pumps

Cheat - Brown riding boots (snow and rain proof)

A couple more things to note...

A capsule wardrobe does not include workout clothes, special occasion wear, pajamas, accessories, or jewelry. Thank goodness! I'm particularly glad that special occasion clothing doesn't have to be accounted for. I've been planning my Easter Sunday Best for almost an entire year and refuse to compromise! :)

Also, when you assemble this collection, have an accent color in mind. I thought pink would be cheerful and refreshing for spring. (I'm already plotting a red theme for summer to fall.) Have a few pieces in this accent color and keep the rest more neutral. Black, gray, navy, tan, white.. that sort of thing.

Have you gotten your spring clothing out yet? What's your favorite spring cleaning project? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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