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A Living Green Tablescape

Wishing you an early Happy St. Patrick's Day! Any special plans for the holiday? We're (not surprisingly) staying home for a nice meal, and so I put together a green tablescape for this informal occasion. Instead of an overt green and gold theme like I did last year, I went for a fresh spring green. My favorite aspect of this particular tablescape is the living centerpiece. Before this, I've used cut flower bouquets, and dried florals, and silk floral arrangements, but never live plants. I think it's good to think about something green and living at the moment, when the world is so focused on illness.

Here are the details for making a living centerpiece of your own...

  • Vintage wood box. I used an old weathered Lakeshire cheese box that we've had sitting around for years (available on Etsy.) There is some room for artistic license here, of course. You could use terracotta pots or whatever your little heart desires! Just be sure that whatever you choose, it won't leak water all over the table. To prevent this, I placed 3 yogurt lids at the bottom of the vintage box to catch any water draining from the plastic herb pots.

  • A few small plants. Again, feel free to be imaginative. You could use succulents, herbs, flowers... Petunias would be absolutely adorable, whenever those become available. I used some cuttings from my larger herb plants that survived the winter. Seen below, from left to right: platinum lavender, lemon balm, Vicks plant (a succulent that I fondly refer to as fuzzy oregano.)

  • Moss. To cover up any unsightly plastic edges of pots. It serves the same purpose as whipped cream does in garnishing desserts.. it will disguise anything you don't want to see. :) I think a bit of moss trailing outside the container looks "quite easy and fine" and helps visually connect it to the table.

Note: The baby terrarium place card holders were from Pottery Barn a few years ago. I was unable to locate them, but here is a similar item from Birch Lane.

The best part? This arrangement can last well beyond St. Patrick's Day! It would be just as fitting for Easter, Earth Day, or Mother's Day. :)

Stay calm and stay healthy!

Thank you for stopping by,


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1 Comment

Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson
Mar 16, 2020

Guilty. I am a hoarder of vintage wooden boxes and you will find display my my gluttony scattered about our home. They are too delicious to resist!

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